DGO Image Sensor

Oct 03 2020

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Image sensor which turns photons into electrons has various components to create image with Binary Numbers.

Sensor from CCD to Cmos was a huge step that enabled Sensor Size to come closer and equal to the dimension of film.

There are some changes happening with Back illumination type Sensor…now DGO (Dual Gain output) developed by Canon for its new cinema cameras.

Dual Gain Output technology should not be confused with Dual Native ISO.

DGO a newly-developed imaging system that reading out  each photo diode into two separate signals(Gain)  generates HDR video  each pixel with different gains. It combines images using pixels shot with a saturation-prioritising amplifier for bright areas,and a lower-noise noise-prioritising amplifier for darker areas, resulting in higher dynamic range.

Canon has brought two cinema cameras using this technology

Canon C 300 mark III

Canon C 70.

C 70 is a new camera which has RF mount Featuring the 4K Super 35mm CMOS DGO sensor, the Canon EOS C70 is capable of capturing 4K videos in 4:2:2 (10-bit) colour.

  • Digic DV7 image processor
  • recording 4K/ 120p and 2K/ 180p videos
  • Storage  on Dual slot UHS-II standard SD cards.
  • It brings the option to record content in Canon’s XF-AVC or MP4 (H.265) codecs.

With the new Sensor Canon claims a whooping 16+ dynamic range.

Dual Gain output though a new tech developed by Canon, nearly similar technology Dual Gain sensor is been used by  ARRI to their Alexa Sensor for years.

CJ Rajkumar