Sep 12 2021

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SICA annual General body meeting was held at Prasad lab theatre on 12-9-21.

Many members from different region attended with enthusiasm.

SICA app was introduced to members with Video and Audio screening.

SICA General secretary Ilavarasu announced Election to be held during October 24th Sunday 2021 and it is been passed at Agm.

Treasurer Balamurugan presented account details.

President P. C. Sreeram focused on healthy discussion that would enrich members welfare.

Members were all praise for the SICA initiative on welfare activities during testing Covid times.

SICA vice president Karthik Raja gave details about Bylaws.

EC member and Fefsi Vice president Sridhar Janarthanan informed members about Vaccination program.

EC member Ilamparuthi welcomed members on his address.

EC members D. Kannan, Wide angle Ravishankaran, U. K. Senthil Kumar, N. K. Ekhambaram all were present.

Laxman explained about SICA app in detail.

Cinematographer CJ Rajkumar gave details about future upgradation of SICA website.

Tree Sampling was also planted at Prasad premises by P.C.Sreeram, Ilavarasu, U. K. Senthil Kumar, Sridhar Janarthanan, Karthik Raja, D. Kannan which was arranged by Royal Prabhakar.

SICA members were given technical print out sheet on Anamorphic lens on Digital Sensor with Squeeze factor.