Apr 06 2018

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Small HD is one of the most trustable add on Professional grade camera-top monitor that can power your DSLR or mirror less camera. These monitor are very handy nearly 4 times brighter than the camera lcd monitor, which helps to get the images in a proper view shooting during bright day without the help of shading around the camera monitor.

It basically comes with size of 5.5 inch and 7.5 inches.

Now this brand has introduced two monitor set one on camera other one as wireless receiving monitor helps to view around 500 feet away.

The FOCUS Bolt TX and  FOCUS Bolt RX

The FOCUS Bolt TX is a 5-inch, daylight viewable touchscreen LCD with a built-in Teradek transmitter. The 500ft transmitter is compatible with the FOCUS Bolt RX.

The FOCUS Bolt RX is perhaps the lightest wireless monitor/receiver available. Shipping with the 5-inch touchscreen are the lightweight (extra grippy) monitor handles and Sony L Series battery.

Small HD Monitors have focus peaking buttons for focus assist, for exposure assist it has Histogram, vector scope, zebra, wave form to choose from.

CJ Rajkumar