Dec 02 2018

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Solidarity Day 2018

Solidarity refers to a union of interests, purposes or sympathies among members of a group. Every year Solidarity day is observed by FEFSI in the interest of its 22 crafts associated with the body.

During this event, every association will recommend a member to be honored for their highest service they had contributed to the film Industry, individual craft or for their association.

2018 Solidarity day organized by FEFSI was held at  Cine Musicians Union, Vadapalani, Chennai. It is a annual event held every year on December 2nd.

Thiru Kadambur Raju, Minister for Information and Publicity, Government of Tamil Nadu presided over the function as chief Guest.

As SICA is a TRADE UNION of all South Indian Cinematographers and is affiliated to the Film Employees Federation of South India (FEFSI), every year SICA  has a special role during Solidarity  Day by constituting Nimai Ghosh Award presenting a memento to 22 personalities and a cash prize of Rs.5000/- is  awarded by FEFSI.

SICA President P.C. Sreeram, Treasurer Rm. Ramanath Shetty and Joint Secretary Sridhar Janarthanan participated in this event.

During acceptance speech SICA President P.C.Sreeram welcomed Director /President (FEFSI) Selvamani’s suggestion to Tamilnadu Government to form ‘Tamilnadu film corporation’ that would help Tamil Film Industry to grow and  it is the need of the hour.

Senior member of SICA, Shri. Venkateswarulu who has served as an executive member for years in the development of SICA was awarded this year at this solidarity event. He was also an operative cameraman for Vincent master for many films.

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