Jan 20 2018

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Sony Monitor Version 2.0 upgrade

Sony has introduced version 2.0 firmware for SONY LMD-A (LCD) and PVM-A (OLED)  series of professional monitors in 17” categories and above.

Hoping that the features like Focus assist and False Color Display are useful for onset shooting.

youtube :https://youtu.be/IZu09wCSpjo

Flexible Area Marker for Live Shooting

Ø  Flexible Area Marker

Ø   More flexible layout

Ø  Two area makers

Ø  Selectable colors

Ø   Selectable line thickness

4K Production Enhancement

  Color space:

Ø   ITU-R BT.2020


Ø  S-Gamut3/S-Gamut3

Ø  S-Gamut3.cine


Ø  2.6 gamma

Ø  S-Log3(SDR)

Ø  S-Log2(SDR)

Ø   2 sample interleave signal

Ø   Multiple user presets stored

Onset Monitoring Enhancement

Ø  Sync-Free Side-by-side

     SDI & HDMI

     Different Formats

Ø  Low latency

Ø  Work w/False color, Focus Assist and

  Camera metadata display

Ø  False Color with scale

Ø  Audio Muting

Enhancement for Graphics applications


Ø  Design, Printing, Digital photo, CGI, etc . 

Color space:

Ø   Adobe RGB


Ø   Color temperature:        D50