May 15 2022

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SICA on its continuing efforts of building a strong knowledge platform under SICA CAM BENEFIT TRUST this 15th may 2022  first time in India in association with Tinnu International RED V.RAPTOR 8k Cinema Camera demo was conducted  at Prasad lab theatre with great attendance from SICA members.

Red Digital Cinema has rich history of bringing ground breaking technology that changed the scenario of Digital Cinematography with Bigger size Sensor, Raw footage, Higher resolution, form factor and new line up of cameras.

Recent addition is RED V.Raptor 8k cinema camera which is under DSMC 3 line up.

SICA President Karthik Raaja welcomed the gathering, Treasurer Sakthi Saravanan, EC members Seviloraja, Wide Angle Ravishankaran, Naga Saravanan, Loganathan Srinivasan honored Red premium dealer Tinnu International Mr.Amit Bhandari, Shri Deepak Bhandari,Mr.Sonu Bhachhawat and Mr.Raj Peddinti from RED DIGITALCINEMA.


Demo event started with video clips played shot with V.Raptor and Komodo, 

Raj also introduced himself his association with DOP Jayanan Vincent, earlier launch period of RED One in India

Raj from Red digital cinema clearly presented the salient features of New 8k cinema camera.

RED DIGITAL CINEMA‘s new DSMC3 platform. Sized  slightly larger than the KOMODO, Its height and weight is reduced than earlier DSMC 2 cameras.

It has a new sensor with fixed OLPF , the V-RAPTOR offers multi-format capture in 8K VV, 6K Super35, 4K, 3K Super16, and anamorphic options.

The new 35.4MP full-frame sensor at the heart of the V-RAPTOR provides 17+ stops of dynamic range that enable it to excel at low-light capture while offering the lowest noise floor of the RED lineup. And while the V-RAPTOR does not employ a global shutter, its rolling shutter with high-speed readout is almost twice as fast as that of the MONSTRO, all but eliminating motion artifacts.

It has various mount options, still its native mount is RF because of benefit of having shorter flange distance.

Dual 12G-SDI ports enable the users to output mirror feeds to two displays, or individual feeds  with two different looks.

Built in wifi  outputs up to 1080p video for streaming and many benefits may happen. 

Another big highlight denoted by Raj Peddinti is high speed cinematography V.Raptor offers without sacrificing color, dynamic range whooping 600fps with 2k resolution,

V-RAPTOR delivers with high-speed frame rates options, including 8K 17:9 at 120 fps, 6K S35 at 198 fps, 4K 17:9 at 240 fps, and 2K 2.4:1 up to a blazing 600 fps.

Memory card of earlier RED camera was their own RED Mag ssd media with this new camera recording media option is  CFexpress 2.0 Type B cards will enable V-RAPTOR users to avail themselves of more widely available media, although currently RED/Angelbird 660GB,  This 660GB card with normal frame rate and MQ it can approximately record to 30 mints  and just 7 mints offloading the footage.

Right-side LCD screen user interface offers on-camera control to FOCUS pullers or an operator positioned at that side of the camera, with physical buttons interface we can  3 pages and 24 short cuts can be assigned by buttons and the ability to save user pages lets you customize the interface to your liking. The interface displays the resolutions and frame rates available with your chosen format.

on the top Pogo connection enables use friendly 7 inch Touch screen developed by RED association with Small HD.

98Wh RED Micro-V batteries will power the camera for about one hour, Full-size V-mount and Gold-mount adapters will be available as well for users.

REDCODE Raw RECORDING  options have been simplified with HQ, MQ, and LQ selections equaling the more popular choices available in RED DSMC2 cameras.  recommended  mostly for normal filming conditions  MQ , LQ for longer takes, high speed over cranking  with HQ being ideal for vfx shots.

new V-RAPTOR  thermal heat exchange (TEC), enabling a wide ambient temperature operating range which can maintain Sensor Temperature, minimum black shading is required.

Antenna with camera enables to control camera through wifi, it is most useful while operating camera with jibs, gimbals or any heighted platforms.

pdaf feature which is advanced auto focus will benefit single man crew, indie film makers.

Mr.Raj also detailed about features of RED Komodo advantage of global shutter in the camera and the accessories line up for these cameras.

Question and Answer session had interesting participation from members, key thing came out was Anamorphic shooting options where V.Raptor supports all squeeze factors like 2x,1.78x 1.2x which enables to use different anamorphic lenses.

After Tea break hands on session was introduced, Ace cinematographer Rathinavelu shot for 600fps with a water balloon exploding into tiniest details, he also shot for handheld and dynamic range.

Cinematographer Sakthi Saravanan had V.raptor tested for Anamorphic lenses, DOP Muthu Ganesh used 600m tele lens for a follow upshots.

Many members had a detailed close look with both V.Raptor and Komodo for Menu navigation features.

SICA also thanked Aputure lights Ranjith Kumar andVasanth who had a active part of the event.

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