Dec 07 2021

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RED cinema camera brought a sea change into digital cinema cameras, earlier during its initial years it faced  a lot of challenges brought the faith into film makers step by step and now it is the leading camera brand around the globe.

RED brought Raw video, Super 35mm sized Sensor, 4K resolution these technical specifications are all game changers to the film making,on other side it had its own troubles by Cameras getting heated, booting time, high contrast images. But all these where rectified with firmware upgrades ,new models and Sensor.

RED was first cinema camera to bring price and form factor very reasonable.

RED first gen cameras where named under DSMC ( Digital Still and Motion Picture Camera)

Line up had models like RED ONE, RED Mx, RED EPIC,RED SCARLET and Dragon.

above RED EPIC 5K with Mysterium X Sensor was the most successful camera which had good latitude, color science and faster booting up time.

RED DSMC 2 line up had lot of cameras introduced which had  ipp2 image processing, interchangeable optical low pass filter, internal audio recording and along with raw, prores, DnxHD/HR recording formats.

Existing Models under this line up.

  • RED MONSTRO 8K – Vista Vision
  • RED HELIUM 8K – Super 35
  • RED GEMINI 5K – S 35 ( Dual ISO and best in low light performance)

along with this RED has introduced a HYBRID camera body named RANGER  which has RED 8K VV , RED 8K S35 AND GEMINI  sensors , which considered to be all round camera.


RED new generation cinema camera has very compact body, auto focus features, third party memory card CF FAST 2.0 CARD and with 2k resolution you can film 600 frames per second.

CAMERA line up are

RED KOMODO – S35 6K  with RF as native lens mount.

RED V Raptor Multi  format  Sensor that is it features 8K as full frame and also 6k s35 format.

RED also introduced many custom built cameras for leading Hollywood film makers like Michael Bay, for scientific purpose for Space research and Under water Filming.

CJ Rajkumar