Jul 03 2021

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New Cinematograph act 2021

In a era of many creative thinkers around the world feel against film censorship, instead film rating would be more than enough to guide audience to the nature of a film.

Censorship is a controversial and debatable issue in the film industry, with no solution in sight. Censorship in simple terms is the suppression of certain parts of a film that has the potential of being politically unacceptable, offensive, or a societal threat. Different countries have different laws for films when it comes to portraying themselves.

India is a country which has many languages and cultural diversion.

The Centre is also tightening rules to control digital platforms and media. It introduced new digital media rules to bring these platforms under its supervision for the first time.

The Government of India announced its plans of introducing the new Cinematograph Amendment (Bill) 2021. This new draft proposes to amend the Cinematograph Act of 1952 with provisions that will provide powers to the central government to re-examine films that are already given clean-chit by the Censor Board for Film Certification (CBFC).

This act will halt the progress of creative expression of a film maker and also create confusion regarding film exhibition..when a certified film running in theaters if recalled for certain objection will  break the chain link of existing business scenario and finding right solution would be a big problem.

Many film personalities in our country started opposing  the new bill.

Cinematographer P. C. Sreeram had also expressed his concern and negative impact of this new act.

Now film fraternity should unite and have healthy discussions with Information and broadcasting Ministry and persuade them to withdraw the controversial new cinematograph act 2021.

CJ Rajkumar

Author/ Cinematographer.