Oct 12 2017

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New flowtech

Sachtler known famously for its heavy duty tripods for photography and Cinematography has announced a new tripod engineered by a new technology that allows for a Single Man to set up tripod for run and gun shooting situation.

The Flowtech 75 tripod is built with two-stage carbon-fiber legs with magnetic locks to keep the legs stable when not in use. A set of “quick-release brakes” at the top of the tripod allow a user to hold the tripod and drop the legs to the ground simultaneously. The legs are said to adjust automatically, meaning it’s not necessary to adjust each leg manually.

The tripod can be set as low as 10 inches from the ground or as high as 62 inches, depending on whether or not a removable midlevel spreader is attached. The companies said the tripod has been designed to prevent any twisting during pans, and has been tested in extreme environments to ensure longevity in field use.

Flowtech 75, a three-stage tripod with a cast aluminium 75mm bowl, capable of carrying a 20kg payload. The legs fold together with satisfying precision and lock out to three different angles. You can get down to 26 cm (10 inches) and up to 153 cm (60 inches) without the optional spreader, and up to 157cm (62 inches) with it attached.

The Flowtech system has just one clasp per leg, making height adjustments very quick. Placing the clasps near the top of the legs means you don’t have to bend down to adjust the height. Also, the clasps are large and easy to disengage.

There has been not much changes in tripod design for past 100 years since invention, FLOWTECH tripods are these quick sticks are an entirely new concept in camera support. They abandon traditional tripod design. Gone are typical tubes with locks that are difficult to reach. Flowtech tripods are made of lightweight carbon fiber. Brakes and levers on top let you easily adjust length and level in seconds.

YOU TUBE LINK : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w024hO4FK1I

CJ Rajkumar