Jul 23 2021

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New world movies 2021

When popular films always finds a place for public attention at all media platforms, new experimental  movies remain very personal choice to film lovers.

Recently some good movies surfaced at various festivals with some new form of film language should gain attention and more viewing.

Some good films in world cinema 2021

Vortex (French)
Paris 13th district (French)
Everything went fine (French)
A hero ( Ghahreman Iranian)
Compartment no 6 (Finnish)
The worst person in the world (Norwegian).


Memoria  –  a film by Thailand film makerApichatpongWeerasethakul is a unseen dreamscape with cinematic vision and it’s unique because of its filmmaker’s philosophical long takes. In a calmly realist, non-mystic movie language, this director really can convince you that the living and the dead, the past and the present, the terrestrial and the other, do exist side by side.

Vortex- Gaspar Noes new film with 142 minutes and spends almost all of them in split screen, would appear to be consistent with that trend. Yet this quiet, slow-burn look at an elderly couple suffering from dementia

Paris 13 district-

Captured in Black white format that has a story about four young people looking for love, or eluding it, in a contemporary, multi-ethnic, digitally connected metropolis.

Everything went fine- Master Director Francois Ozone gives heart warming experience  about the father-daughter relationship and the separation between the two. It is not a film about death, but about goodbye.

A Hero- Oscar award winner Farhadi new film is a thriller like story tells there is nothing free in the world..as he takes a classic premise and spins it around and around and around with enough centrifugal force to keep you rooted in place even as your sympathies fly in every conceivable direction.

Compartment no 6- is a richly textured Finnish film that deals unlikely love story is a treasure. One of the great train movies with humor and romance, full of surprises.

Worst person  in the world- The Worst Person in the World, a wistful (and downright sad) romantic comedy that tracks a restless woman as she tips over into her 30s and tries to understand her restlessness.

Cannes 2021 showcased some stunning films like Anette is stunning experimental music opera.

This pandemic time should dissolve to bring audience to theatres celebrate Cinema as they could.

CJ Rajkumar-

Author/ Cinematographer.