Lens Mount aka Filter holder!

Jan 04 2022

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These days flange distance getting shorter because of new mirrorless cameras, some lenses meant for larger flange distance cannot be used.

Now a unique solution has arrived with advent of using different lens mount adapter as well as filter holder.

The new Benro Aureole adapter / filter holder is available in two variants: one (RC1) adapts Canon EF glass to an RF mount camera such as the EOS R5, the other (RE1) allows the use of Canon EF glass on a Sony E camera such as the popular a7S III.

The Benro Aureole adapter does not offer any optical elements, it is just a mechanical adapter with the added benefit of having two drop-in filter slots

We can use both circular and square type of filters in the slot.

Using ND filters now would be more like a internal camera.

CJ Rajkumar

Author/ Cinematographer