New Sony Venice 2 : 8.6k camera

Nov 17 2021

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Sony Venice is a unique cinema camera brought full frame Sensor into Digital Cinema Cameras.

Though full frame Sensor very popular in Still camera video having several advantages over imaging, lens coverage, selective depth of field, lowlight performance.. Having all these features Sony brought full frame format into its Cine Alta Venice which records a 6k images.

Now Extending its lineup Venice 2 –  a new Sensor with 8.6 k resolution video.

The brand-new VENICE 2 – 8.6K CMOS sensor features an impressive 16-stop dynamic range, and the camera body features numerous updates including internal recording onto a high-speed AXS card, internal recording formats up to ProRes 4K 4444 and 422 HQ, an interchangeable sensor, and updated usability and body design.

The Venice 2  has what is found in the original Venice — such as the color science, Dual Base ISO, and 8-stops of built-in neutral density (ND) filters, the new addition has a more compact design, internal recording, and the option for two different sensors: the new 8.6K sensor or the original 6K Venice Sensor.

The 8.6K Venice 2 can shoot in four separate modes: 8.6K (3:2) at 30 frames per second in full-frame, 8.2K (17:9) at up to 60 frames per second in full-frame, 5.8K (6.5 anamorphic) at up to 48 frames per second in Super35, and 5.8K (17:9) at up to 90 frames per second in Super35.

Key Features

  • X-OCN Internal Recording
  • 4K ProRes 4444/422HQ Internal Recording
  • Interchangeable CMOS 6K Sensor Block
  • 15+ Stops of Dynamic Range,
  • Removable PL Mount, Cooke /i Protocol
  • Sony E-Mount with Electronic Contacts
  • 8 x Integrated ND Filters
  • Integrated Assistant-Side Info Screen

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Info compilation: C. J. Rajkumar author/ cinematographer