SICA AGM 2022!

Aug 17 2022

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SICA Annual general body meeting was conducted on August 15th 10 am at Prasad lab theatre Saligramam.

Many members attended the meeting.

SICA General Secretary Ilavarasu, President Karthik Raaja, Treasurer Sakthi Saravanan along with committee members welcomed the gathering.

On marking on respect to the departed souls two minute silence was observed.

Then Cinematographer Arthur. A Wilson was honored for his outstanding achievement for making a single shot feature film.

Many agendas was presented by the current body, many technical workshops like RED, Aputure light demos conducted, film Screening appreciated by the gathering.


SICA general secretary Ilavarasu announced the glorious 50 th year of SICA and requested Senior Members to share the beginning era of this prestigious association.

Many Senior members spoke about the efforts by legendary  Nimai Ghosh, P. N. Sundaram, Maruti Rao and Vincent Master along with the journey of SICA in its primitive years.

Ilavarasu elaborated that 50 th year of SICA will be conducted as two day event., where first day event will have all the SICA members with the family.

Treasurer Sakthi Saravanan presented the audit report.

Many key points was put forward like issues currently faced by Television Industry cameraman and to find right solution.

To upgrade outdoor Union in respect to the growing technology.

Participation of New SICA members into union activities, to find better prospects for Education seats for members family from leading educational institutions also been discussed.

LCF fund distribution, beneficiaries list was presented and also request been made to Senior members to pay their subscription dues pertaining to benefit LCF  program which is pending from 2017.

Finally disciplinary action on certain issues were also debated.

On marking 75th Independence Day of our country was been addressed to the gathering.

Article compiled by

CJ Rajkumar