Sep 10 2019

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Red Ranger:Gemini and Helium

Red Ranger Monstro a high end digital cinema camera by Red  pitched as a Rental option which had a modular design capable of handling any kind of filmmaking was very much applauded by DOPs.

Now Red has extended its Ranger family with both Gemini( dual ISO) and Helium Sensor which will be as both buy and Rental option.

Ranger models cameras can take large power sources and comes in versions for V-Lock and Gold Mount batteries. Heat management is an intrinsic part of cameras at this level, and the RANGER has a much larger, single fan, rotating slower for lower noise levels on set. The RANGER can operate from a wide voltage range: 11.5V to 32V and there are 2 x 24V and 2 x 12V power outputs.

Multiple recording options, hdr, xlr audio.

This is another important set of all in one cameras by Red.


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