May 12 2018

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Zeiss Otus: Rehoused Cine Lens “LockCircle X-OT”.

For Cinematographer the most important task would be choosing right brand for his film making. All though all lenses meant to produce sharp images, there are  signature brand CineLenses that has some special characters that makes to stand out from the crowd.

Film making is not always we need to get to produce great images with premium branded equipment’s, since low budget independent films are now getting a new market and in rise ,there is a need for the reasonably priced cameras, lenses and light equipments.

Leading camera manufacturers like RED produce both high end cameras and also reasonably priced camera models to suit all purpose requirements.

Coming to lens for few years there has been practice of cinematographers using still photographic lenses for filming video images mainly due to the price factor and it also covers full frame sensor so most of the cinema cameras now supports EF mount.

But Zeiss OTUS is a still photographic lens introduced recently caught familiarity with most of the cinematographers for its beautiful rendering of image with color,contrast, overall sharpness and roundness of the visuals.

Zeiss OTUS lenses are also not economically priced..having this in mind Italian based company LockCircle  managed to transform   Zeiss Otus photographic lenses into filmmaking devices. Meet the new LockCircle X-OT line of lenses.

Lock circle X-OT lenses are rehoused high quality OTUS lenses with barrel rotation suitable for cine marking, De-clicked aperature rings, standard 95mm front mounts, 0.8 gears for focus and aputure, it’s all there.

The lenses line up is now with 3 lens set of 28mm, 55mm and 85mm all  has opening of  f/1.4.

The price for 3 set lenses  including a custom made protective hard case would stand around 10 to 12 lakhs.

CJ Rajkumar